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The History of the NEST Arts Factory

The NEST Art Community began in 1990 by Victor Mulaire, the founder of Cricket Hosiery Co (the world renowned Tic Tac Toe brand of children's socks). Cricket Hosiery was the first company to combine the use of knitting machines with computers to design and produce graphic socks and employed a number of graphic artists to design socks and stockings, establishing an early relationship with the arts community. 


In 1996 sculptor John Carnright set up the first studio in Cricket Hosiery's factory space. Launching the concept of creating a local community of artist. Other artists soon joined, with early founders David Flynn, Jed Wolf, Peter Konsterlie, Peter Duveen, Marie Riviera, Bob Ledoux, and Joe Provey, followed by many others. 

In 2012, the old factory building burnt to the ground and Cricket Hosiery eventually moved to the present Fairfield Avenue location in Bridgeport. Artist easels and drawing tables replaced knitting machines as the space gave became the new NEST Arts Factory that once was a piano factory then the home of Aerosol Techniques the first hair spray . Legend has it that  

Herman “Shep” Shepherd, founder of Aerosol Techniques in Bridgeport, CT, always wore thick, white gym socks. 

Today Vic serves as the Executive Director of the

NEST Arts Factory.